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    What are the current problems with the cartoning machine?
    Hits:2680         Date:2018-11-15
    The following seven problems are common in cartoning machines. Let us look at them one by one.
    (1) The speed of the machine is limited by the speed of the following instructions and the lower medicine plate, and the design should be more reasonable.
    (2) The stability of the machine is relatively poor after long-time high-speed operation, requiring stable operation and more use of the servo system;
    (3) The accuracy is not up to standard after long-term operation, the synchronization is not good, and the reliability is required to be improved;
    (4) It has low adaptability to products, its function is relatively simple, its adaptation surface is relatively narrow, and the shape and volume of the drugs to be loaded have strict regulations;
    (5) The equipment operation reliability is not high, and it needs frequent maintenance to affect the production progress;
    (6) The production efficiency is not high, the running speed is slow, and the degree of automation is not high;
    (7) The cartoning machine is sensitive to the dimensional deviation of the manual. For example, the dimensional deviation requirement of the manual should be less than ±0.5 mm. In the daily production, the phenomenon of the card machine will be thin because of the thinner manual. Sometimes the carton is not easily opened or the card is stuck because of a slight change in the size of the carton.
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